Here's when you'll need custom modules in hubspot

Posted by Mariana Morales on June 20, 2016 at 1:07 PM

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We love HubSpot’s easy to use drag and drop template builder. With 20 standard HubSpot modules to choose between, building out a functional template for your design is easy. It is when those standard modules cannot meet the needs that your design demands that you’ll need to turn to custom modules and an expert HubSpot developer to help you accomplish your vision.

Perhaps you need a custom image slider or a custom gallery or maybe you need to create an events listing or a different kind of list that includes content and images and packaging.

This is where HubSpot’s custom modules come in. They will allow you to accommodate the intricacies of your design through markup languages. Custom modules in HubSpot support HTML, CSS, HubL and Javascript. This allows your expert HubSpot COS developer to code a module for you to make your design come to life.

Custom Modules and Marketers

Custom modules, although built with complicated coding, are easy to use for marketers. That is because your developer will assign their coding to a field. This field could be text, rich text, image or even choose (a drop down with value select). When you use a custom module you will find the the photo or content are easily editable, and the result you want is accomplised with the direct of the usage coding.


Here are some typical reasons you will need a custom module

An events calendar

This is probably the most common need from business for customization in HubSpot. If your business requires an events calendar on its website it will need to be built with custom coding.

A custom slider

While HubSpot does have a slider module, we find that clients often require customization of that slider to meet their design vision. This includes adding content on top of the slider (not just in the lightbox). HubSpot only allows for two options: a carousel or lightbox and this is not always enough to meet clients needs. If you want a content slider, this too will require customization.

A custom gallery

Similar to the slider above, you may require further customization to realize the gallery that you want, as you are also limited by the lightbox and carousel layout options.


Other reasons you may need a custom module developed

  • Bucketed list
  • Mail to options
  • Ecommerce product displays
  • Tabs on web pages
  • Custom reviews/testimonials
  • Video carousels
  • Background images


HubSpot is a remarkable tool for accomplishing optimized web design. While this blog does not breakdown exactly how to create the custom modules to meet your needs, hopefully it gives you an idea of how HubSpot can be manipulated using a developers expertise to meet your design vision. 

If you require custom module development help, connect with one of our certified HubSpot developers here. For advice on how to prep your design for developers, download our web designers checklist below. 

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