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Tips for managing your HubSpot design problems

How often are your team members running into design problems using the HubSpot platform that leave them stumped or simply frustrated? While the design manager allows you to use a drag and drop template builder, perfecting your HubSpot design can take massaging that only a team member familiar with coding can understand.

Time wasted on managing these problems is better served on creating winning marketing strategies that your clients can visibly see through the HubSpot platform. So how do you get better at managing your HubSpot design problems? We’ve got some ideas.

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Tips and tools for creating your design mockup

 Designing a mockup for your web page, landing page or email is an essential step in communicating your marketing strategy to your client. As you know, the mockup will allow you to create a design for approval that is easily editable before you hand it over to your developers to take to life on the web. It’s your chance to wow your client and fit your design and marketing vision to their brand.

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