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Removing WP-VCD Malware: Its History and How To Get Rid Of It

WordPress has a new addition to its library of rogues.  This malware outbreak is known as WP-VCD. An in-depth report by ...

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Sometimes, we don’t realise how we stick to our old school ways, when there are better, more efficient ways to do them. ...

Your ultimate guide to dns troubleshooting

How many times have you wanted to pull your hair out because you read, “DNS failed”?


As shocking as it may sound right now, this transition began a very long ago, back in 2014, when it was announced that ...

Estimated 16,000 WordPress Sites At Risk of Vulnerability

“Tag! You’re it!” Said the cyber-attack to the Rich Reviews WordPress plugin. It’s an open source software created by ...

Is Hosting Your WordPress Website on AWS a Good Idea?

Some sleuthing was due, when I was told by several people in the industry that AWS isn’t a good idea for a WordPress or ...