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Common WordPress problems and their solutions

Posted by Mariana Morales


There are a million reasons to love WordPress and if you have a WordPress website or are building one for a client you know this.

With any software though, you run into roadblocks, you have questions and you need answers. As a team of WordPress developers, our clients rely on us to answers those questions and solve those problems. But, with the following common WordPress problems you can often solve them on your own.

It should be noted that the robust WordPress support system provided by WordPress and it’s theme and plugin developer will also have reliable notes on solutions to their own products.


My images in WordPress media aren’t showing after upload

If you’ve figured out how to upload images to the media folder on WordPress but they’re showing up as a broken link, you need to change your formatting. First and of note .png format is best for web based images, start with resaving your .jpgs as .png prior to upload.

Next check the size of your images. The larger the image the slower your website will be and if they’re extremely large you will have difficulty uploading the images in general. The ideal size sees the width at 1600 px max.


My site disappeared and is "briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance"

If you've just run some updates on your WordPress site and your site is now showing as a white screen with briefly unavailable for schedule maintenance, you just have to wait. Your site will return to normal in a few minutes or seconds. If it does not return to normal you may have uploaded a bad plugin. Contact your developer. 


How to prevent spam through our forms on WordPress

If you have a WordPress website, you've probably noticed a lot of spam from comments to emails. The best way to prevent this spam is to add a CAPTCHA to your forms and comments posts. This can be done easily through a adding a WordPress plugin. 


My new WordPress page isn't showing up on the menu

 If you've added a new page to your site and it's not showing up automatically on your main navigation menu it's because you haven't told WordPress to do so. On the WordPress platform, a new page is not automatically added, instead you control the menu structure within your Menu Settings page. You can turn on "automatically add new top-level pages to this menu" option with the click of a mouse. 


These are just a few common questions we get from clients time to time. WordPress is one of the best platforms to build a website and once you get a grasp on it's functionality and it's possibilities you'll know why it's a go-to choice for web agencies. 

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Written by Mariana Morales

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