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Here’s what you need to know about WordPress themes

Posted by Mariana Morales


There are many types of WordPress themes; free, customized, responsive, premium. Deciding on a theme for your website is important, when you do choose a theme and install that theme it will completely transform how your website is built and your content is rendered.

Here’s the thing, you as a marketer probably have a design in mind for your website or your client's website. You’ve also perhaps tapped a designer to help bring that website to life. When you start looking to WordPress for themes to build your site on you’ll need to know a bit about the capability of those themes and perhaps if you’ll need to build that capability with a completely customized theme. These are things your Wordpress developer can help you figure out, but it’s also important to develop an understanding why a theme will work for your website. 


Types of themes broken down

There are three main themes types associated with WordPress that includes Free themes, Premium themes and Custom themes.

Free Themes

There are thousands of Free WordPress themes available, a few default free themes include the Twenty Twelve and Twenty Thirteen. Free themes are also built by professional developers and their biggest benefit is that they are free. Free themes do come with their disadvantages however, they lack support and regular updates, most are not SEO optimized and they are harder to customize and afford you less features. If you do choose a free theme make sure you do your research or ask your developer to justify their use.


Premium Themes

Premium WordPress Themes are premium because they are high quality themes that are built by professional WordPress developers for sale. Added benefits of premium themes include SEO, optimization, support, quality and flexible customization.


Custom Themes

For a truly unique to your business or client look and an equally sophisticated interface you can have a Custom WordPress theme built. Custom themes are more expensive than the premium or free option however, they are often necessary for websites running ecommerce stores. It is important to also consider that your WordPress developer can manipulate a premium theme through customization to create your website. This is often a cheaper option that still delivers the highly optimized and brand-forward site you need.

If you do require a custom theme choose a developer that will offer continued support and maintenance and factor in from  a cost perspective what that will look like moving forward. 


As mentioned above, your website developer can help you to choose and understand what theme will work best for your WordPress site. You should have an idea now of the "need to know about WordPress themes."At the end of the day, you want a site that is simple and easy to use from a back and front-end perspective. For more information about WordPress website development click here

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