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How businesses benefit from Hubspot

Posted by Mariana Morales


The hardest thing about spending money on marketing is not knowing the return. This is especially difficult when you are spending on a platform like Facebook and you are measuring results in likes and engagements. This is also true about traditional marketing strategies, how can you measure how many people bought your product because of a magazine ad?

The thing about digital marketing however, it that ROI is trackable with the right tools. The best of the best of those tools is HubSpot, in our opinion. It’s an all-in-one platform that tracks your marketing efforts from a first touch visitor to your next customer.

When you combine all of your efforts (blogging, social media, SEO, emails) into one platform you can track the value of each effort you make and connect every new lead to a specific effort. It’s services marketing (and sales) strategies like never before.

If you’re considering HubSpot for your company, here are a few things we think your marketing managers are going to love and the reasons why businesses benefit from HubSpot.


Built-in optimization for every page and blog 

Having a built in optimization check system helps businesses who aren't familiar with SEO ensure that their content is groomed for better performance. It also helps those who are familiar with SEO get much more strategic. When you know that your blogs and landing pages are set up to work for you, you are ensured better results.


Intelligent lead data

The ability to understand your customers on a granular level is to have the resources to grow. Because HubSpot allows you to track the actions a visitor takes on your site and with your digital marketing campaigns (social, ads and emails) you know what content and what efforts sell. This allows you the marketer to improve upon and create more compelling and more strategic messaging.


Schedule your digital assets in one place

We all need automation to make our work lives easier. While there are a number of platforms to schedule social and emails it's just easier to have it all in one place. You can roll out an entire marketing campaign from one spot, under one campaign and then watch your results roll in completely connected. 


Need HubSpot Help or Support?

If you're just getting started with HubSpot you're likely learning how to build landing pages, emails and how to connect your technologies. 

Our HubSpot development team builds pages and emails for HubSpot marketing partners and businesses worldwide. When agencies need their HubSpot clients pages to look great and their platform function and integrate optimally, they choose our team.

We recommend that you start to get to know more about HubSpot and the incredible benefits it can bring to your business here.

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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

Mariana's a internet marketing enthusiast and a blogger. She loves Digital Marketing tendencies.