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How HubSpot and Magento can work together

Posted by Mariana Morales on September 28, 2017



Magento is a wildly popular ecommerce platform, offering a number of benefits for businesses opening an online store. Magento ecommerce solutions offers basic marketing options for businesses, however, there are integrations that can take the marketing for online stores to the next level.

One of these integrations is HubSpot. HubSpot and Magento can work together to build online stores with strategic inbound marketing plans behind them, increasing sales by converting abandoned carts into sales and personalizing ecommerce emails. Here is some information on how HubSpot and Magento work together.


Easy To Get Personal

With HubSpot you can get those customers back who abandoned their cart. You can use HubSpot to personalize your follow-up emails with names, images, and links of their products that they abandoned in the cart. You can also use HubSpot emails to integrate with Magento's up-selling shopping cart features, creating personalized emails for people who purchase your top selling items.

HubSpot makes it easy to get personal with automation. Using the workflow tool in HubSpot you can set up a timed email series of personalized emails, automating the follow-up or up-selling process. This makes for less work for you - and an increase in sales overall.


Create Specialized Lists

With HubSpot and Magento you can create highly customized and specialized lists to be sure you're speaking directly to the right customer and not bothering customers who aren't interested. By using Magento ecommerce solutions you're already capturing a lot of data about the shoppers in your store, and with HubSpot you're able to harness that data.

By integrating these systems it syncs all historical data on customers. This is ideal for the launch of a new product, when you can create a list of customers who have purchased similar items. You can also build lists of VIP customers, segmenting based on total order value over a certain amount.


Turn One Time Customers Into Repeat Customers

The lists that can be segmented in HubSpot can also be used to increase sales. By automating workflows, you can reach out to customers who haven't purchased over specific amounts of time. If you have customers who only purchased one time, and didn't repurchase anything again after a certain amount of time (whether that's a week, a month, or three months - it's up to you), you can enroll them in a workflow to promote further sales.

You can also use HubSpot's Smart Content tools which can help you personalize the customer experience not just online. Smart Content allows you to change what a visitor sees on your site according to certain rules that you dictate. For example, if a customer buys something in a specific category, you can set a rule stating that person will them see the homepage hero image as a featured product in that category. This tailors the experience to that customer, and can increase your sales.

Partner With HubSpot and Magento Ecommerce Developers

By partnering with a team of Magento ecommerce developers who also work in HubSpot, you put yourself in place for great success. To learn more about how Computan can help you with your Magento ecommerce solutions, click below.

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