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How long does it take to build a HubSpot landing page?

Posted by Mariana Morales


Landing pages are an integral part of inbound marketing, they are the key piece of most marketers conversion driving campaigns. There is a science to building an effective landing page and as an digital marketer I am sure you know this well.

Though stark landing pages that come with your HubSpot account work, sometimes you need something a bit more robust to serve your lead generation activities more effectively.

How long it take to build a HubSpot landing page, is a question we get a lot and as many development projects it depends on the complexity of the project.

What are you looking to achieve? Does HubSpot have modules built to support your design? Will a stylesheet need to be completed?


Building a HubSpot Landing Page

 Traditionally, when a marketing firm approaches our team to develop a HubSpot landing page or site page they deliver their design. Once we take a look at the design and walk through the functionality needed for the page we can quote properly the amount of hours that would be required to build the landing page.

The simpler the design the less coding required. This is too true of whether we will need to build custom modules in order to meet the functionality requested by our marketing partners.


Ways to shorten development time on HubSpot landing pages

The easiest way to shorten our development time is to choose a template from the HubSpot marketplace. We can then customize this template to meet your brand standards and needs of your landing page. The key to working with templates is to find one that meets your vision, then recreate your own branded design in Photoshop using the elements of your template. Your developer then can take that design and quickly apply it to your template with any further customization needed. 


Looking for HubSpot help?

We love that anyone can use HubSpot's drag and drop builder to create and customize their own templates but why are your marketers wasting their time on the build and not applying it to strategy? With a HubSpot development team by your side, your templates are built quickly and structurally sound. Find out what this might look like for your marketing agency or department by connecting with us below. 

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