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How to add an online store to a WordPress website

Posted by Mariana Morales

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That stats surrounding the growth of the online shopping industry are undeniable. With over 50% of Americans turning to online store for their shopping needs, every brick and mortar business should have an ecommerce store.

Investing in an online store will not only give you access to a larger audience but to people who are ready and willing to buy.

The good news, is that it is relatively easy to set up an online store especially if your business already operates on a WordPress website.


Get the WooCommerce Plugin

The reason why WordPress is such as a popular platform is it’s community. This community builds plugins and themes that help WordPress users achieve the functionalities that they need. Your website is likely using a number of plugins at this moment.

The ultimate WordPress plugin for ecommerce is available for free and is called WooCommerce. Powering 28% of the internet’s ecommerce shops, WooCommerce is one of the most popular options to add an online store to a WordPress website.

The creators of WooCommerce have considered everything from shipping, to inventory and processing payments to styling. There are themes available to help you build your store but you can also lean on a WordPress developer to customize your store to match your current website.


Build a store with a third party provider

WooCommerce has rivals, they include Shopify, Volusion, OsCommerce and Magento to name a few and any of these store can be integrated into your WordPress site.

Let’s take Shopify as an example. If you were to build an online store on Shopify, you could connect that store via the SHOP navigation on your website. Shopify further integrates into your WordPress site with their Shopify buy button. All that great content you're producing on your blog can now be easily purchased with a quick click of the integrated buy button.  


Interested in building an ecommerce site on WordPress? Talk to our WordPress development team, we can advise on which platform will is the best option for your online store and we can handle the cutomization aspects of your store. 

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