make an informed decision

From contracting to the feel of your relationship, this is the guidance you need to hire an agency

This ebook contains a contract that you can present with confidence to a marketing agency about the services offered and tasks to do. This is a complete document and is market ready. 

This contract provides information on:

  • Flat Fee – This retainer is like a salary you are paying the agency for all of its resources.
  • Fixed Increases – An employee gets raises and so should your agency if the work they do is good. But at minimum those raises should only cover inflation (3%).
  • Overage Mechanisms – No surprises. You get forewarned as you reach your hour allotment and overage hourly rates are fixed at signing.
  • Termination – 3 months probationary period to try with an out without 30 day notice if unsatisfactory. Standard for most mid-level employee agreements as well.
  • Scope – The scope of work is nice and loose (as you need it). This gives you flexibility to leverage whatever agency resources they want.
  • Non Compete – Far easier to enforce a company-to-company non-compete than employee-to-company non-compete for mid-level employees. This protects the agency from poaching your people or working for competing organizations in your industry.