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How to turn your website design into a WordPress website

Posted by Mariana Morales

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There are many options available to you when designing and building a website. From the platform you build the site on to the hosting agent you choose. These options also extend to how you choose to navigate the process: will you design the website in house and hire outsourced web developers to build it? Will you hire someone to guide you through a design and then build it yourself? Or will you hire someone to do everything from start to finish?

You have a few options to look to when you are ready to turn your website design into a WordPress website. We review your options below.


Use a Wordpress page builder plugin

Adding a page builder plugin to your WordPress website will help you to easily drag and drop design elements to recreate your design. Page builders will allow you to choose editable components to build your site without the use or need for coding. Within the page builder elements you can customize your design, add widgets and correct spacing etc.  Many page builders are free, however if you need a page builder that is a easy to use no matter your comfort level you may want to explore a paid option. Page builders are a great option if your website is simplistic and does not require extensive customizations.


Design in Photoshop for slicing

Photoshop is most designers choice when creating a website and it’s equally beneficial to the developer that you turn that design over to. Using Photoshop you can easily create a design file that is organized into layers and folders. This makes it easier to slice the design into Wordpress. Slicing a design file into a Wordpress website requires a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS, that is why we suggest you hire a coder or developer who is intimately familiar with WordPress.

Hire a professional WordPress developer and coder

There are many agencies like us (Computan) who specialize in turning a business or marketing agencies design into a perfectly coded WordPress website. Whether that involves theme manipulation or custom theme development, coders are able to identify the best way to approach a website based on the design parameters and are knowledgeable about the plugins and customizations necessary to achieve that design.


Regardless of how you approach your website redesign process, you all have one goal in mind: to develop a great website that properly represents your brand. Whether you choose to build that website on a platform like WordPress or HubSpot soliciting the advice of expert web developers will help you to achieve your online goals. Learn more about how to prepare your website design for web developers with the below ebook. 

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Written by Mariana Morales

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