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How WordPress and HubSpot work together to improve your marketing

Posted by Mariana Morales

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We’re all working strategically to get ahead of our competitors and stake our place in our respective markets. We apply strategy, we do our research and we take advantage of the software tools that help us achieve these goals.

Both WordPress and HubSpot have become industry leading software companies providing platforms for companies to create and disseminate incredible digital content.

Where WordPress allows us to build a dynamic website and blog presence, HubSpot allows us to flex our inbound marketing skills by tracking, analyzing, building and disseminating our efforts.


Why we love to work with WordPress

There are many things that our website should do for us and all the things we should do, we can do on WordPress, it’s that simple. Besides being incredibly easy to work with for all levels, it allows us to build killer websites that further our marketing efforts.

As one of the world’s most used and loved platforms (ranked well by Google’s algorithm!), WordPress are as endless as it’s users. The stand out benefits for us are that it is free, it offer tens of thousands of professionally developed plugins and integrates well with many content management systems, like HubSpot.


Why we love to work with HubSpot

We love HubSpot because it spells out the results of our marketing campaigns, it also spells out the failures, which informs our strategic decisions moving forward. This all-in-one inbound marketing tool is a leader for a reason, it thinks and works like a marketer. It informs us, it’s catches our mistakes and it offers the ability to combine all of our content marketing needs into one platform. HubSpot will make you a better marketer.

When your combine HubSpot and WordPress you will have two major tools to help you to drive qualified leads through your sales pipeline.


How WordPress and HubSpot Work Together

The starting point for allowing WordPress and HubSpot to work together is through the HubSpot WordPress plugin, we talk a bit more about that below but the integration goes so much further.

HubSpot’s benefits are in it’s ability to track how visitors use your website, the tools that do this like HubSpot CTA’s and forms can be easily embedded on your website. To make this happen little knowledge of coding is needed, just copy the automatically generated embed code in HubSpot and apply it to your WordPress page.

HubSpot’s integration into WordPress doesn’t stop there. HubSpot’s page performance tool is a great way to judge the strength of all your website and blog pages on WordPress. It provides you a on-page SEO ranking out of 100 and pinpoints your exact problem area. This is so beneficial to ensure that your marketing efforts are working as hard as you are online.


Hubspot integration with Wordpress - The HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot has built their own plugin that can be easily integrated onto a WordPress website or blog. The HubSpot WordPress plugin is free for all HubSpot users, think of it as an extension of the platform. The plugin allows you to track all the pages of WordPress site and it loads your HubSpot dashboard analytics into your WordPress back. Integrating this plugin with your website is essential. 


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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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