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How your WordPress website can be used for eCommerce

Posted by Mariana Morales

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Ecommerce is becoming an important aspect for many businesses. As we mentioned in a previous blog, there are a lot of factors to consider when you go to choose the best eCommerce platform for your business

But if you already know that you want WordPress to be the home base of your website you may be wondering can WordPress be used for eCommerce and how? This good news is it can.


Using WordPress for Ecommerce

Along with various other platforms, WordPress is one of the many options that your company can utilize to house their online store . With a functional interface, ability to easily edit content, various plugins available and the fact that it’s free, WordPress is  one of the most used eCommerce platforms.

The WooCommerce plugin is the most popular option

WooCommerce, is a WordPress plugin that is becoming an extremely popular option for businesses that are already operating on WordPress. Data shows that nearly 42% of online stores in Canada are running on this platform. WooCommerce is future rich, user-friendly and open-source. Not only is this plugin easy for users to navigate but it is free for users to download. Making this option accessible for those on a tight budget. A key feature of this plugin is that it allows business to sell any type of product of service. WooCommerce also doubles as an online catalogue for those not quite ready for a functional online store. 

Your other options, think Shopify

If your company has already developed a WordPress site but hadn't considered adding an eCommerce platform until this point, you still have the option to! You can download WooCommerce or you can operate your store from a third party site like Shopify. 

If you are using Shopify in particular, you have a couple options. You will build your store out on Shopify, you then connect your store through a secondary URL, for example "" to your navigation. A bonus feature WordPress users will love is the Shopify plugin. This plugin gives you the option to make any WordPress page or blog post shoppable using the free Shopify plugin. By adding this plug in, you can easily drop products with “buy” buttons into any page, sidebar and blog post. This feature will also add a pop-out shopping cart for your site, allowing customers to purchase multiple products at once. The actual Shopify platform cost’s users a monthly fee, however, the WordPress plugin is free. The monthly fee depends on how complex the user desires their eCommerce platform to be.

With eCommerce changing the way businesses sell their products, many businesses are investing in an online store.This easily accessible form of shopping allows consumers the ability to shop for their favorite products from the tip of their finger. Your Wordpress website may already be the perfect home, it just needs a store! 

Specializing in development and customization, we work with clients in order to build the perfect storefront for their business. So, if you're still doing a Google search for “How to build an eCommerce website using WordPress” contact us today.

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