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HubSpot is getting better: check out these new features

Posted by Mariana Morales


 Inbound is now over a week past and we're still feeling the energy of the conference and have more confidence than ever in the HubSpot platform. At INBOUND a number of new tools and features launched and are set to power businesses growth, a goal we align closely with.

HubSpot's new Growth Stack tools are solidifying the platform as a necessity of a successful sales and marketing. If your business or marketing agency is considering investing in HubSpot here's what new enhanced features you will have to look forward to.


HubSpot Marketing Free

Lead intelligence for free is HubSpot's new policy with HubSpot Marketing Free. HubSpot can tell you exactly what leads are doing on your website and can compile important information about them, like where they work. When a lead shares their email through a form on your website, you instantly have access to lead intelligence. Learn more about this incredible tool here.


Connected Tools

To facilitate the build out of your own growth stack, HubSpot has introduced increased connectivity between the tools used by marketing and sales. These tools will help guide your content writing, increase the visibility in workflows, better understand how your website is performing and create a collaborative writing experience.

These include:

  • Content Strategy Tool
  • Visual Workflows
  • Improved Web Analytics Metrics
  • Composer


Connected Teams

HubSpot is focusing in on helping marketers and sales personnel improve their productivity with the new Projects Tool. Projects utilizes pre-built templates to help guide marketers through the execution of their strategy all while keeping the entire team dialed in. This is possible through the new collaboration capabilities. Think using a simple @ tag, similar to Instagram, to request a specific team members input. To learn more about the new connected teams tools click here.


Connected Customers

We've been using the new connected customers tools from HubSpot on our latest campaign and we can't say enough. The new Meetings calendar is a big highlight for us, allowing our incoming leads to book a meeting with our sales team in a direct, visual and simple way. We're also excited to use the Messages tool, which will allow us to directly connect with visitors on our website and answer any questions they may have.


As HubSpot developers and HubSpot design partners we are elated to see the growth of the platform and are excited to continue to support marketing agencies and business as they navigate their marketing projects. If you're thinking of moving your business onto HubSpot, do it, HubSpot is getting better! If you need help and or advice about the platform take advantage of our free quote and we'll help you turn your marketing projects into beautiful and functional designs in HubSpot.

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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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