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Active HubSpot Integration: How Computan Integration Experts Made It Happen

Active is used to register fitness and sports events. Marathons, running races, softball leagues, cycling events, swimming, mountain biking, and other types of events can all be registered by users. Active also organizes training camps for various sports, including basketball, baseball, golf, football, martial arts, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and others. These events are open to people of all ages.

Our client Avid4 had previously integrated Active with HubSpot, which became out-of-date overtime and needed an update to align with the new business processes.

The previous integration only recorded basic information and was contact-level. With the new integration, they want to record the transactional data as HubSpot deals and contacts.

Data Sharing Between Active and HubSpot

For further actions, the data must be segmented and translated into HubSpot as contacts and deals.

  • Deals are created in HubSpot using fresh data retrieved from Active APIs.
  • HubSpot contacts are associated with deals created there.
  • Contacts and deals are saved in HubSpot alongside revenue and attribution data retrieved from Active via the HubSpot API.
  • The specific camp information, Active attendees' families, and camp registration information are saved as contacts in custom objects in HubSpot.
  • HubSpot maps the data for the registration field from Active using APIs. deals with data points

  • Event Name
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Event Organizers' names
  • Payments
  • Attendees' names, choice of sports, and other details

The data points should be transferred from Active to HubSpot by any event organizer who uses to list its events and uses HubSpot for lead nurturing and delight.

Sync the data with HubSpot as contacts, deals, and contact properties for attendees, new registrations, and events. For their subsequent events, organizers can further cultivate these contacts. Additionally, tracking which individuals enjoy which sporting or running events is simple.

Companies can determine the annual and per-event revenue generated by determining the total number of registered attendees and organized events.

Steps involved in Active HubSpot Integration

  • Understanding and creating the dataflow and middleware for it
  • Updating APIs at both ends to ensure accurate data transfer
  • Formatting and preparing the required Active data for sharing
  • Creating custom HubSpot objects to store specific Active data
  • Create Active and HubSpot field mappings for new integrations
  • Import data

Challenges in Active HubSpot Integration

Formatting The Data

The developers must ensure that the data in Active is properly formatted before beginning the integration process. You should not construct an API bridge for the dispersed data. Data that is scattered needs to be actionable.

Avoid Duplicates

Team members who don't use a single CRM for contact or don't update it correctly are the ones who create duplicate entries or contacts. The duplicate will move between the two tools once integration goes well. Establish a business data management procedure and instruct employees to adhere to it throughout the cycle. Make sure all of your teams use the same contact management software.

Data Mapping

Data mapping matches the data fields in two different tools' databases to ensure successful integration. Any data source is acceptable, and each data entry must correspond to a single data point. The tools may use different names, but they should have clear purposes.

Rules for Syncing

The data moved from Active to HubSpot because this was a uni-directional integration. Bi-directional rules are used to use the data back in Active from HubSpot.

Readable Data

The team using HubSpot must be able to read and comprehend the data sent from Active. The team won't know what to do with that data set if they don't know what the contacts, deals, and contact properties represent concerning Active.


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