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Aircall Integration with HubSpot for Complex Manual Secrecy (Pseudo Name)

Task: Integrate Aircall with HubSpot to initiate a workflow for service and support calls.


Complex Manual Secrecy wanted to integrate Aircall with HubSpot so that when a deal is created in HubSpot, a call is scheduled with their available agent on Aircall, ensuring language compatibility.


  1. The client had a high volume of service and support calls every day.
  2. Ensuring the availability of agents for calls at any given time.
  3. Matching the language preference of the client with the corresponding language-speaking agent. English and Spanish in this case.
  4. Automating the workflow from HubSpot to Aircall to reduce manual intervention and improve efficiency.


To address these challenges, we implemented the following steps:

Step 1: Integration of Aircall with HubSpot

Computan’s integration experts used APIs to integrate Aircall with HubSpot, allowing us to synchronize data between the two platforms seamlessly.

Step 2: Workflow Automation

Deal Creation Trigger: We set up a workflow in HubSpot that triggers when a deal is created.

Schedule Call: Upon triggering, the workflow would schedule a call with an agent on Aircall.

Step 3: Agent Availability Check

We used the Aircall API to fetch the agent's user ID.

The API was used to check the agent's availability for the call.

If the agent was available, the call was forwarded to them from HubSpot.

If the primary agent was unavailable, we used the team ID to check multiple agents for availability.

We ensured that the language spoken by the agent matched the client's language preference (English or Spanish). We mapped English-speaking clients to English-speaking agents and Spanish-speaking clients to Spanish-speaking agents.

Integration Details

We Configured the Aircall API to communicate with HubSpot.

We Created automated workflows in HubSpot to handle call scheduling and agent availability checks.

We maintained a database of agents categorized by language to facilitate quick matching.


The integration and automation reduced the time to handle service and support calls.

Clients were connected with agents who spoke their preferred language, improving communication and satisfaction.

We ensured that calls were directed to available agents, optimizing the use of agent time and resources.

Computan team members who worked on the integration project

Integration Expert: Tameem Ahmad


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