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Blackbaud HubSpot Integration: How Computan Integration Experts Made It Happen

Blackbaud is a leading provider of software and services tailored to the nonprofit, educational, and healthcare sectors. Blackbaud's products and services help organizations manage events, increase volunteerism, increase fundraising and donor engagement, and communicate the impact of the organization's mission.

Additionally, Blackbaud offers comprehensive services to assist businesses in making the most of their technology investments. Blackbaud is committed to supporting social good through an open community of partners and customers.

The Blackbaud Connector for HubSpot allows for integration between Blackbaud and HubSpot. The connector links Blackbaud's donor and constituent data and HubSpot's marketing, sales, and service capabilities.

It lets users manage contacts, and create and track marketing campaigns, donations, and more. The integration facilitates a smooth transfer of data between the two systems, aids in the reduction of manual data entry, and enhances accuracy.

Blackbaud HubSpot Integration

There is a native integration option for Blackbaud and HubSpot. You can carry out your marketing tasks by synchronizing your data from Blackbaud into HubSpot. Nevertheless, we chose the custom integration route for this particular integration because multiple endpoints from Blackbaud were required to be merged into one HubSpot object, which was associated with the contact object.

Native integration could not combine multiple endpoints into a single object. We had to select custom integration for this custom business logic.

Challenges in Blackbaud HubSpot Integration

The one obstacle is combining multiple Blackbaud properties into a single HubSpot property; that is at the heart of this bespoke integration.

App permissions and authentications were the team's second obstacle. Our client-side team was under the impression that they had provided us with access to everything we required, but this was different. It turns out that the server made a mistake.

The problem was fixed after the Computan team contacted the client's server support, changed the call server time, and so on.

The Need for a Middleware Application

A middleware application, Blackbaud, and HubSpot integration were also required, as they are in nearly every custom integration project.

In Laravel PHP, we developed a Middleware application.

The middleware would retrieve the data from Blackbaud, combining them into data sets or properties that HubSpot could comprehend. For accurate data mapping, this necessary step is completed.

Blackbaud HubSpot Integration Outcome

According to Habib Ullah, Project Manager at Computan, "We successfully did API calls to connect with Blackbaud, cron to get newly created/updated users from Blackbaud."

The client would be able to view the data in HubSpot successfully. HubSpot viewed a single endpoint made up of multiple endpoints. Marketers for our client now have access to that data, which they can use to target their audience better.


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