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Enhancing HubSpot with Classe 365 APIs and Custom Middleware

Chuckle & Chortle Community College (Pseudo Name) is one of the top colleges assisting international students with various educational degree programs, such as International Business Management, Hospitality Management, English language courses, Web Development, Data Science, and Network and System Solutions.

Chuckle & Chortle Community College sought an efficient system to seamlessly manage student registrations and invoice tracking. To achieve this, they partnered with Computan Integration Experts to integrate their existing systems with HubSpot.


The primary objectives for the integration were

  1. Sync student data generated from the Chuckle & Chortle Community College website form to HubSpot.
  2. Design and implement a HubSpot form that sends submissions to the Chuckle & Chortle Community College website for invoice generation. This was a two-way integration.
  3. A Cronjob that checks for invoices periodically as soon as the students submit the form. As the invoice is generated, it is sent to the students automatically. Admins can track the invoices in HubSpot.


Computan Integration Experts devised a multistep integration strategy and created Laravel middleware between Chuckle & Chortle Community College and HubSpot for seamless data transfer.

  1. Data Syncing: The initial phase involved syncing data from the Chuckle & Chortle Community College website to HubSpot. Computan developers created a middleware in Laravel, which was responsible for interpreting and formatting the data from Chuckle & Chortle Community College to fit the structure accepted by HubSpot.
  2. Form Design and Integration: A new registration form was designed and hosted on HubSpot. The form captured essential student details, which were then sent back to the Chuckle & Chortle Community College website for invoice generation processing. This two-way integration ensured that every student who filled out the registration form on the Chuckle & Chortle Community College website was listed as a contact in the HubSpot CRM.
  3. Invoice Generation and Tracking: Computan developers set up a CronJob that checked for invoice generation to streamline the invoicing process as soon as a student completed the registration form. Upon generation, the invoice was automatically sent to the student for final payment. Additionally, the invoices were listed in HubSpot as deals, enabling Chuckle & Chortle Community College to track them efficiently. The integration mapped students as contacts and agencies as companies within HubSpot, providing a structured and organized data management system.
  4. Data Mapping: The integration involved mapping data categories such as students to contacts, invoices to deals, and agencies to companies in HubSpot.

These multiple integrations reduce the manual workload of inserting data into HubSpot and improve operational efficiency.

The registration and payment process became smooth for the students.


During the implementation, a significant challenge arose: all data fields fetched from Chuckle & Chortle Community College’s website form, including first name, last name, and email, arrived as a single generic entry labeled "TEXT." This presented a problem in identifying and correctly mapping each field to its matching slot in HubSpot.

Computan developers had to undertake extensive testing and data analysis to identify each field accurately. They overcame the challenge and made these integrations and data mapping successful.


The collaboration between Chuckle & Chortle Community College and Computan’s HubSpot Integration Experts resulted in the strategic use of Laravel for middleware and the automated CronJob processes, ensuring seamless data syncing, registration, and invoicing.

Computan integration developers who worked on the project

Project Manager: Joacim Nicolaysen

Integration Experts: Abdul Majid, Waqas Khohkhar, Anas Nawaz


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