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Integrating HubSpot, Impact, WordPress, and Maxio

LostR, a leading provider of entrepreneurial courses and resources, was looking to streamline their payment processing, subscription management, and partner commission tracking through a series of integrations. The three key integrations implemented: HubSpot integration, Maxio payment integration, and WordPress-HubSpot landing page checkout integration.

Part 1: HubSpot and WordPress Integration

Integrate HubSpot with LostR's existing WordPress website to manage contact information, location data, and payments through a tailored checkout process.

1. The primary website was hosted on WordPress.

2. A HubSpot landing page was integrated into the WordPress site to facilitate checkouts.

3. Two Stripe accounts were used

   - One for global payments.

   - One specifically for Australia.

   - Additionally, PayPal and Apple Pay were integrated as payment options.

4. Customer Data Management

   - Upon payment, customer details were captured and synced with HubSpot.

   - Contact information, location, and payment details were recorded.

The integration allowed seamless payments through multiple gateways and customer data capture in HubSpot, ensuring smooth operations and improved customer experience.

Part 2: Maxio Payment Integration

The objective was to streamline the subscription and invoicing process by integrating Maxio with HubSpot.

1. Subscription and Invoice Generation

When customers purchase a subscription via LostR, Maxio creates a subscription and customer record. It generates an invoice for each transaction.

2. Data Utilization in HubSpot

Data from Maxio, including subscription details, invoices, and customer information, is utilized in HubSpot. A deal is created in HubSpot with the invoice amount as the deal amount and the invoice generation date as the deal close date.

Invoice in Maxio - Deal in HubSpot

Invoice amount in Maxio – Deal Amount in HubSpot

Invoice date in Maxio – Deal close date in HubSpot

3. Middleware Solution

A middleware solution was developed using Laravel and MySQL to ensure real-time data synchronization between Maxio and HubSpot.

4. Subscription Management

Customers receive monthly invoices for their year-long subscriptions. All actions, such as purchases, renewals, and cancellations, are tracked and reported in HubSpot and Maxio.

Efficient subscription management and accurate invoicing facilitated better financial tracking and customer relationship management.

Part 3: Course Access and Partner Program Integration

The objective was to ensure proper course access management and streamline the partner commission program.

1. Course Access Management

- Developed a WordPress plugin allowing users to access the course once they paid for the subscription.

- Utilized middleware and HubSpot workflows to send webhooks for course access.

- A system was built to revoke course access based on subscription status and invoice payments.

2. Integration with Impact

- LostR’s affiliate program, managed through Impact, required accurate commission tracking.

- Impact’s API is integrated into the middleware.

- Used HubSpot webhooks to link with Impact and manage partner commissions.

This integration with Impact streamlined course access based on subscription status ensured that only paying customers could access the content.


The multi-part integration project for LostR resulted in a robust, interconnected system that enhanced payment processing, subscription management, and partner commission tracking. By leveraging HubSpot, Maxio, and custom middleware solutions, Lostr achieved greater operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and streamlined financial management.


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