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Lawey & Firmy LLP Integrates with HubSpot: A Seamless Solution by Computan Developers


Lawey & Firmy LLP required automation to manage and assign client queries and case matters among its lawyers. The goal was to ensure that the firm's expert lawyers reviewed and accepted every case without manual intervention.


  1. Ensuring each case matter is automatically consecutively sent to available lawyers.
  2. Implement conditions such that if a lawyer rejects a case or does not respond within a specified time, e.g., 30 minutes, the case moves to the next available lawyer.
  3. Automatically assign the case to the most suitable partner/lawyer if no action is taken by any lawyer in one loop.
  4. If a lawyer rejects a case, they do not receive the same case again. It gets assigned to the available lawyer only when it rotates among all the available lawyers in one loop.
  5. Providing an interactive follow-up mechanism for lawyers through email and a landing page to ask further questions or gather more information upon accepting a case matter.


Middleware: Laravel

Workflow Automation: HubSpot

Middleware Development

Computan integration developers built a middleware using Laravel to handle the complex logic required for the project.
Middleware intermediated client/customer queries and the lawyer assignment process.

Workflow Automation in HubSpot

Designed and implemented a complex workflow in HubSpot to manage the case distribution process. Standard HubSpot workflows needed to be revised due to the specific conditions required. So, Computan integration developers aligned the HubSpot workflow and middleware to suffice the conditions needed for the smooth case assigning process.

Workflow Details

When a client submits a query, the case details are entered into the system and distributed to the lawyers in a loop.

Initial Lawyer Notification

The middleware sends the case matter to the first available lawyer with the case details.

The lawyer has 30 minutes to accept or reject the case.

Conditional Logic

  • If the lawyer rejects the case, they are removed from the current workflow, and the case is sent to the next available lawyer.
  • If the lawyer accepts the case, they receive an email with a landing page link to proceed further and gather additional information.
  • The case automatically moves to the next lawyer if no action is taken within 30 minutes.
  • This process continues until a lawyer accepts the case or all available lawyers have been contacted.
  • If no lawyer accepts the case, it is assigned to the most suitable partner/lawyer based on pre-set rules, ensuring every case receives attention.


The combination of middleware and HubSpot workflow significantly reduced the time it took to assign cases to Lawey & Firmy LLP. Lawyers could quickly accept or reject cases, ensuring timely handling of client queries. The middleware ensured the entire process was transparent and traceable, with every action logged.

Computan Integration Developers worked on the Project

Project Manager: Rashed Alee

Integration Developers: Zeeshan Ibrar, Tameem Ahmad


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