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HubSpot Mindbody Integration: How Computan Integration Experts Made it Happen

“If you think everybody is your customer, then nobody is your customer,” Says Sajeel Qureshi, VP of Operations at Computan.

What Sajeel meant: Every business needs to have a target audience they cater to. That sets the tone for the marketing content and helps sales reps prepare their pitches accordingly.

Similar is the case of MindBody. Many appointment scheduling and meeting organizers cater to almost all the business types. Then there is MindBody which has focused itself only on fitness and wellness centers, salons, massage centers, gyms, beauty centers, spas, yoga centers, and hence their tagline: Connecting the World to Wellness. Their business management solution focused on the areas around fitness and wellness business.

Computan client worked in a similar niche: fitness and wellness, and they were already using Mindbody because it de-cluttered several steps in the business processes. Our client used Mindbody for the following tasks in their operations.

  • Email and text automation
  • Online bookings through social media channels
  • Bookings management solutions
  • Waiting list management

They were also using HubSpot CRM for their day-to-day marketing tasks, such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, lead capturing, lead nurturing, and deal closing.

HubSpot Mindbody Integration Requirement

Since both these tools aligned well with our client’s business processes, it was time to align these with each other, i.e., integrate them for an even smoother experience for our client.

Data Flow and Mapping

Data flow was from HubSpot and Mindbody since our client used HubSpot to capture leads. Those leads would then get transferred to Mindbody for further processing according to their businesses.

Mapping and their Properties

  • Contacts: Name, Phone Number, Email, and other properties.
  • Appointments: Appointment date, appointment status, and other properties.
  • Transactions: Contract name, line items, and other properties.
  • Memberships: Contract Details
  • Class Bookings: Booking Details

*Note: We have not shared the complete data fields, but those were business-specific and not to be disclosed to any third party.

The mapping fields and the properties in the fields need to match exactly in both tools for successful integration. This was a one-way integration solution, i.e., from HubSpot to Mindbody.

HubSpot Mindbody Integration Results

  • Our client captured leads through HubSpot.
  • Fetched the data from HubSpot to Mindbody.
  • Mindbody processes the data and fetches it to our clients so they offer better services and solutions to their customers.



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