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Zoom and HubSpot Integration: How Computan Integration Experts Made it Happen

HubSpot's one part is a marketing automation platform that allows users to manage their marketing tasks from one platform. Zoom, as you all know, since 2020's pandemic time, has helped us do video conferences and collaborations, remote team meetings, presentations, and webinars easily.

As integration is one of Computan's many areas of expertise, here's about one integration request we got from our client. It is about connecting Zoom with HubSpot.

The Basics of Zoom Meetings

The process of setting up Zoom is relatively straightforward.

  • First, you'll need to create a Zoom account to access your videos.
  • You will see the 'Host a Meeting' option on the screen. Once you set up the meeting time, you get a meeting link from where you can add participants and
  • You can also add a slide show and a recording of the meeting.
  • Please make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection so your participants can stay connected during the meeting.
  • Use Zoom's chat feature to have quick conversations during the meeting.

Why Integrate Zoom with HubSpot?

One-line answer: To better manage data, meetings, and leads because HubSpot CRM does it better.

And for that reason, HubSpot has included Zoom in its native integration options. But, native integration has limited options.

HubSpot Zoom custom integration allows users to do the following;

Convert every meeting scheduled in HubSpot into a Zoom meeting because zoom does meetings better.

Registrations in Zoom meetings are automatically saved as contacts in HubSpot, where they can be nurtured better.

Based on Zoom webinars, you can see in HubSpot who attended your webinars for how much time and other details. So, you get a complete analytical view of your webinars.


Computan Client Requirement for Zoom and HubSpot Zoom integration

Our clients used to organize Zoom webinars and are also HubSpot users. So, they wanted to manage their webinar analytics, attendees, and registration on HubSpot.

They needed help managing their attendees and registrars in Zoom without proper CRM such as HubSpot.

Solution by Computan Integration Experts

  1. Pull attendees, registration, and other data from Zoom
  2. Update the data from Zoom in HubSpot as Custom Objects
  3. Custom Objects are linked with Contacts that you can define and update their status in HubSpot.

HubSpot Zoom Benefits for our Clients

One Line benefit: Our client was able to use the best of both HubSpot and Zoom.

As our client got the desired data in HubSpot from Zoom, they could nurture the contacts and improve their journey in their sales cycle. They could target the contacts in a better way through HubSpot's email marketing features. They were also able to send notifications about future webinars through HubSpot. 


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