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Is Shopify the best option for an ecommerce website?

Posted by Mariana Morales


Ready to build your online business?

Congratulations! Once you've made the smart decision to take your retail outlet online the hard part becomes what platform to use to sell those products. The options for businesses can feel overwhelming, but if you're reading this article you've no doubt come across Shopify. You are probably wondering, is Shopify good?

Shopify has cemented it's place in the market as one of the best ecommerce solutions available, edging out the competition with tools that provide online stores with a competitive advantage. Is Shopify the best option for a ecommerce website for your business? That depends if you value the following tools as a key part of your online store's success. 

Speed and Security

Running an online store is a multidimensional process. You ideally want a website that works incredibly fast and is designed to facilitate a direct buyers journey. You also require this website to be secure, in a way that allows your potential customers to feel safe during the purchasing process.

Shopify pledges to take care of every fear you may have as a business and even as a consumer, hacking, caching and compliance are some concerns that Spotify is able to be proactive in addressing; one of the ways is paying bounties to security researchers to hack proof their systems. Shopify understands the important of security which is why they invest so much into developing intelligence for this side of their business. Their focus is to exercise updates with speed and security at a large scale so all you have to worry about is what you're selling.


Marketing Capabilities and Integrations

Shopify is not a marketing agency but it is packed with marketing knoweldge and tools to help you thrive in the digital environment. Most importantly, it provides you with the capabilities you need to be seen online. The built in SEO tools help make your content searchable and allows for the quick build of landing pages and CTA that bring your ecommerce website to a higher level of performance.

Design Capabilities

Shopify's platform offers thousands of design templates to choose from and offers a Ecommerce web developers referral service to help businesses customize their sites. The ability to choose a template and customize it to your own brand will save you money in the long run and ensures that your website is built with sales driven design in mind. The live template customization tools lets you see changes in real time and makes the process of building your website smooth and visual.

If a Shopify ready template isn't right for your business you can work with a designer and an ecommerce web developer to create a site that reflects your needs. Because Shopify is such a popular software finding the right team to build your online home is relatively easy, there are thousand of web developer servicing a global scale of users.


Customer Service Support

Above all in every businesses customer service is key. Shopify makes it super easy for its users to set up, use its tools and customize their site for their business while being an operationally excellent ecommerce site.  There will always be questions and concerns so building a website on a system that supports you 24/7, feels like good company.


There are many more advantages to Shopify but like with all technology there is always room for improvement. To understand what platform will work best for your online business, speak to an ecommerce web development expert, their guidance and solution-oriented advice will help you find the right platform to help your business grow.

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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

Mariana's a internet marketing enthusiast and a blogger. She loves Digital Marketing tendencies.