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Shopify and HubSpot. Why this is the integration we've been waiting for

Posted by Mariana Morales


A few weeks ago during the HubSpot product keynote at Inbound 17, a supercharged integration with Shopify was announced.

As developers who work in Shopify and HubSpot on a daily basis, this was an important announcement. Our dual user partners have long after the benefits an integration could provide to their strategies and have had to bootstrap their own solutions.

And as Shopify has become one of the dominant platforms within the ecommerce market, it’s a no brainer that customers of both platforms were asking for a HubSpot integration for Shopify. The platforms together will provide dual users with tools to form a fully integrated inbound strategy.


Benefits of the HubSpot Shopify Integration

The benefits of this integration are simple, you get to easily connect your ecommerce data to your inbound marketing efforts. You will be able to leverage HubSpot workflows, emails and reporting tools to up level your marketing and remarketing strategies.

Highlights include:

  • Automatic sync of customer and conversion data
  • Trigger emails through workflows (think cart abandonment remarketing)
  • HubSpot analytics and insights on ecommerce actions
  • Revenue reporting - online sales as deals in HubSpot
  • Sophisticated segmentation for buyers


How to get started with the integration

The integration is still in BETA stages, though it should be noted that there is currently a HubSpot Shopify integration offered through Groove. This new integration will be native to HubSpot.

As the integration rolls out from limited beta we will update this space with new information.


Ecommerce Bridge framework by HubSpot

For those businesses not currently using Shopify but hoping for a similar integration for their ecommerce platform, there is the new Ecommerce Bridge framework. Ecommerce Bridge framework provides HubSpot developers with an API package to connect ecommerce platforms with HubSpot. For our HubSpot integrations team, this means we can build more streamlined integrations for our partner agencies and business. Ask us more about what this would look like for your store here.


Ecommerce is big business and the platforms that support it are sophisticated. HubSpot's focus on building better integrations for Ecommerce user will only continue to grow. This is an exciting time for growing your online store through data-driven marketing strategies.


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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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