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The easiest and best free website builder to use on client websites

Posted by Mariana Morales

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The platform that you choose to build your website on is important. You ideally want a platform that is easy to use and allows for your website to thrive organically. One of our favourite platforms to work on is WordPress. If you're an agency that often builds on WordPress you'll already understand why we love working and developing on the platform. You'll also know that building website pages on the platform is easier with a good builder. 

Best Page Builders for WordPress

A good builder should be two things, easy to use and feature rich. That's why we recommend that you look for a drag and drop builder, not only does this cut down on coding for your developer, but will allow your client to make simple changes in the back end once you hand the website off. 
Builders on WordPress come in the form of a plugin, some are free and some are not. We work in the backend of WordPress everyday and we've built websites for marketing agencies dependent on their WordPress builder preference, here's the most common plugin used.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin Editor 

This is a free editor and one of the most popular available on WordPress. It is great because it allows you to download and install widgets, but also offers some of it's own. This means widgets like Google Maps (which most websites need) are easy to install and use. 
Visual Composer 
Visual Composer sells itself as WordPress's number one builder and it is certainly one of the best with over 1.5 million downloads. Visual Composer, is not one of the best free website builders because it costs $34 dollars but, it can be used across a number of websites. Clients love that is works with any WordPress theme and allows for front and back end editing. Visual Composer also contains themes, is responsive and includes lifetime updates.
Swift Page Builder
Swift Page Builder is a slick and useable builder with a ton of built in elements that allow you to easily map out your website. Swift Page Builder is packed with templates and an easy to operate element selection navigation.
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