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The power of PSD to HubSpot development

Posted by Mariana Morales


 Your agency has just scored a new website design project, congratulations. You are about to put together an growth driven website that is going to take your clients website to the next level.

Depending on the make-up of your agencies team, the strategy, design and development of this website may all be done in-house. But, if you're like many digital marketing agencies out there, you might take on the first two and outsource the later.

Developers speak a different language than designers and marketers and often work in a different style. However, there is a language and program between us all that we all understand. That is the visual cue that comes from a Photoshop mockup.


Why you should design your next website redesign project in Photoshop

Your team is likely already designing websites in Photoshop, if you aren't it's time to start. From a communication perspective between designer/marketer and developer the file can be organized to communicate the differing needs of each section of your website and the files within can be pulled to replicate your design easily.

PDS's offer an easy referral for your developer, making the unique requirements of your design, unmissable. This process will also allow your designers and marketers to work on what they're good at leaving the build and extra coding inside your website to development experts.


The benefits of working with developers who work PSD to HubSpot

You just hand it off, that's it. In-house you do the important prep work, your marketers create the strategy and your designers help make that visually beautiful. Then your outsourced HubSpot developers can take your vision in the form of a PSD file and code that file into perfect HubSpot COS replicas.

When choosing between outsourced HubSpot developers look for certifications, experience, quality assurance, communications and of course on-going support.


Wondering how to deliver a development ready PSD file to your certified HubSpot developer? Click here to download our go to guide. HubSpot is an incredible tool for marketers, you don't have to sacrifice design or waste your staff's time developing and perfecting templates. Learn how Computan can help you improve your website design business with our reliable outsourced development team.

how to build HubSpot templates from a photoshop design file


Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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