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The Top 5 Most Recommended WordPress Plugins

Posted by Mariana Morales

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WordPress gained its popularity for good reason: the amount of features and flexibility you have to build your website make it much easier and cheaper to realize your goals. That flexibility is facilitated by WordPress’s thousands of plugins. Plugin’s provide pre-coded systems that can help you do many things from ecommerce to contact forms but with 40,000 plugins available it can be daunting to figure out which plugin you should use. Our team of experts curated a list of the five most recommended Wordpress plugins available.  


The Most Recommended WordPress Plugins Include:

Google Analytics

A staple in any WordPress site, Google Analytics, is crucial to keep track of your website traffic. Not only can you see who your visitors are, but you can keep track of what they’re doing on your website, when they visit your site, where they arrived on the website from (through a search engine or a social network), and what links on your website that they click and interact with. The Google Analytics plugin provides all of these insights for free.


Yoast SEO

In order to stand out from the competition your website should be optimized. Yoast is by far the most popular and highly rated SEO optimizer available for your WordPress website. With Yoast you can input an SEO strategy for your website and ensure that you are getting and growing your organic search traffic. Yoast is constantly being improved, so with this plugin, you’re always using the most updated software on the market.


Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a plugin contact form builder. Though other form plugins, like Contact 7, gain popularity for price, Gravity Forms wins for it’s superior customization abilities. Gravity Forms can be used to build many different things for your website, from email opt-ins to billing or scheduling application forms. The plugin is easy to use and there are numerous add-ons and options so that you can capture leads on your website.



Imsanity is an image resizer and compressor plugin for your WordPress website. The plugin will automatically resize any image uploaded to WordPress, and it will replace the original when it uploads to the website.  It will also compress images to the dimensions you specify. Compressed image plugins are the perfect tool to ensure quick load times for your webpage. You won’t miss out on potential leads who may get frustrated when something won’t load.


A Template Builder

Free - Siteorigin is a top rate, responsive and free page builder. Siteorigin works off of a gridbase, works with many themes and incorporates widgets to help you build better websites. Siteorigin handles the code so that you don’t have to. It is automatically optimized and generated so that your site is precise and loads quickly.

Paid - Beaver Builder is rated as the best, most high-performance drag and drop page builder available. The builder allows you to create complex page layouts easily, and at its core the plugin is user friendly. The builder is ideal for a first-time user, with no coding involved, so you can create the website you want easily. The plugin can also be used with almost any WordPress theme, regardless of where the theme is from, to further make your job easier.


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