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Tips for how to improve the website you have

Posted by Mariana Morales

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Sometimes a website needs a good clean up and not a complete overhaul.

This idea is a long the line of a website redesign concept many marketers are now referring to as Growth Driven Design. It looks at a website as a continual work in progress, as it should. Once a website is launched (quickly) it is improved and invested in over time and the improvements are founded in data.

It allows marketers to be smart about how the website produces while the business continues to more and more leads. 


How to improve the website you have

First, before you touch your website, get the data. This means installing data analytics software like Google Analytics or HubSpot and get a real look at your visitors and the behaviour of your visitors. You should also have your website run through a website grader to assess performance and other technical aspects like SEO.

This data will tell you what works on your website and what does not work on your website and will point out what needs to be improved and what pages are of the most value.

How to improve a websites performance

In the website development world, website performance is referred to the speed of your website, but you may be thinking about lead generation or traffic. If you want better performance sales-wise out of your website there are tactical things you can add like CTA's. If you have a block of content add a colourful CTA to tell your visitors what to do next. If you have a page that is under performing breaking up the content with telling headers and bulleted information will help to increase page read times.

If you need to speed up your website speed-wise you may need the help of a developer. First, it's important that your website is fast for user experience and for your Google ranking. One thing you can do yourself is bulk-resize your images. Large image sizes slow down a website considerably.

How to improve the SEO of a website

The best way to get the qualified traffic you want is to concentrate on and improve upon your websites SEO. SEO refers to search engine optimization and it is a strategy marketers use to ensure that websites get found. Successful SEO is a combination of technical structure and strategic content. You can improve your own SEO today, by ensuring that every page on your website has a title and a meta description. Another strategy is to put in place headline hierarchy. Your headlines shouldn't just be higher sized text but should be book ended by headline tags.

The last thing I want to touch on is responsiveness. If your website is not responsive, get in touch with a developer ASAP. A mobile-friendly website is so important now, not only to being found on a search engine, but to your user experience. This is the one area that could be ruining your websites ability to perform.

Want to learn more about website redesign projects or find more tips and tools to improve website performance, check out our blog here.

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