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Tips for outsourcing your Wordpress website

Posted by Mariana Morales


If you’re looking to refresh your website or are trying to find the right platform to build your new website on, WordPress is always a smart choice. It is one of the best platforms in the world and it consistently ranks that way because it is user-friendly and has a highly developed marketplace.

Once you’ve chosen a platform for your website, be it WordPress or other, you now need to build it. Your best way to build the eye-catching, user-friendly website that meets your business needs is to hire a WordPress professional to develop and/or create a website design. Hiring an agency or company to build your website includes comparison shopping, relationships and knowledge. In order to have the best experience possible we’ve put together some tips for outsourcing your WordPress website.


Define your business

The only way your outsourced web developers and designers will be able to communicate your brand online is if they truly know and understand it. Be open with your development team about who you are as a business and share your mission with the team. This way they can have a better understanding of your company and what your mission is, so in the design and then build of your website they can make informed judgement calls on what aligns best with your business.


Understand your needs entirely

It’s important that you understand each step you want your outsourced developer to complete. Are you a web savvy marketer? Then perhaps you just need the development team to build and test your website. If you want them to complete everything from design to build and populate then that job description will look different. Explain to your outsourced development of choice the clear goals you’d like them to meet. You should also set a clear budget for your team, and a deadline for when you expect the work to be complete and when they expect they can complete that work.


Communicate effectively

Relationships and communication are the keys to good outsourcing. The better you are able to communicate expectations and edits the more smoothly your website will come to life. In a perfect world, the lines of communication should be open with both parties: your development team should respond to you quickly, and you should be quick to respond to the team’s inquiries.

Communication is important from your side as well. When you outsource you need to ensure that you deliver all the information necessary. Be prepared to answer questions and to give appropriate constructive criticisms to the outsourced development team as necessary. 


Think small projects first

If you are unsure about your outsource development partner, start with a small project first. This will give you the chance to feel out your working relationship and can give you an idea of the work they are capable of producing. 


Request user-friendly functionality

Coding is complicated, that is why professionals make their business applying it but it can make it hard to navigate your website. You want to be able to use your website, update the pages, photos and content and in order to do that you need the back-end of your site to be user-friendly. Ask your outsourced web development team how they will do that for you and get a guarantee that you can easily update your site on your own. 


 Outsourcing web development

Finally you need to find a Wordpress developer that can make your WordPress site work for you. They should be extremely experienced in theme and plugin development and have a showcase portfolio of websites and customizations that they can present to you. If they have developed something for someone else that is similar to your needs you know you will be in good hands.  

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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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