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Website footer best practices - What to put in a website footer

Posted by Mariana Morales

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Do you really need a strategy in place to design a website footer? 
Though the footer navigation is less seen and used than anything above the fold of a website, what is in it is essential. A footer is the last chance to get a visitor to click or sign up, so what is included in it needs to be enticing and well thought out.

Your strategy should start by asking what yourself, what visitors would want in a footer and then you should apply the following website footer best practices. 

What to put in a website footer 

Different websites and different pages will have different needs from their footer. When considering what to include be mindful of a cluttered footer, it is essential that you include only what is necessary. Start with the conventions, this includes your contact information and social links and may include support links. 

Here are some suggestions for what to put in a footer:

  • Your main navigation points - About, Services, Blog, etc.
  • Your contact information 
  • A form 
  • Social links 
  • Headers for content/link groupings 
  • Social feed 
  • Recent articles 


How to design a website footer

Don't skip on design elements for your footer, your footer can be fun, visual and always on brand. It's important to consider white space and think in terms of columns/content blocks. You should also focus on creating a visual hierarchy, this can be done by creating headers for content buckets.


Common website navigation mistakes 

Too many websites dump a bunch of links in the footer, where instead it should be clean and selective. Your footer should not be used a collective of all of your links nor should you use the footer as an attempt to drive SEO. 

The best way to design a footer is to first find inspiration from other great footers. 
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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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