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What does is cost to have a HubSpot website built?

Posted by Mariana Morales


As HubSpot developers, we are frequently asked to quote out marketing agencies HubSpot website design projects. The question that we get the most isn't surprising; how much does it cost to have a HubSpot website built? Our answers varies, because there are a couple factors that need to be considered. 


The entire process cost

If your business is looking to have their website built on HubSpot, your cost will include strategy, content, design and development. The cost of your website will depend on your agency of record and the complexity of the design of your site. Factors that will drive the cost of your website up from a development perspective include custom templates, complete rebranding, custom modules and integrations. 


If custom HubSpot template development is required

If your design requires custom HubSpot templates, your hourly spend on development will increase. Hourly cost will go down if you decide to use a template from the HubSpot marketplace or you choose to use one previously developed by your HubSpot developer. At Computan we have our own library of pre-built templates that we can customize to meet the design needs of our clients. 

Naturally, with any complex design, there is more work required. On the HubSpot COS this need increases because it your developer may have to built out more modules from scratch.


If the size of the website is large

How many page designs does your website include? The more templates that need to developed the pricier your website build will be. Most HubSpot templates consist of seven templates - home, blog home, blog detail, 2 inner page layouts, a landing page design and an email template. This would be your basic HubSpot build out. More inner pages and landing page designs mean a more expensive build.


If you are interested in saving money, the best way is to find ways to reduce design and development time. Usually that means customizing a pre-built template or repurposing previously developed templates. 

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