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What you need to know about having a Wordpress theme developed

Posted by Mariana Morales

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In the world of WordPress, you have a lot of tools and options to use when building a website.

This applies to the building blocks of your website too, by that we mean your theme. For instance, you can choose to use a theme and manipulate that theme with your own branding or you can choose a theme and manipulate it to work with your design. You can also, have an entire theme built by a WordPress developer.

If you need a WordPress website built and potentially want a WordPress theme developed, here are something things you should know.


You pay for custom

Each option that we mentioned above varies with cost though and the more custom your needs the more expensive your website, the same concept will apply to the length of your build.  

Purchased themes can also be customized and this is why most developers and agencies recommend not starting from scratch. When the structure is there time and money are saved.


Have your site design and functionality finalized

You should have a website designer create the entirety of your website in Photoshop before passing on the design to development. You should also document all the necessary functionalities that are required from the website. This way, when the theme does go into development all decisions are finalized and development can move.


Hire an experienced WordPress development company

There are rules that must be followed when building the structure of a WordPress theme. You want your developer to have worked with WordPress before and to have experience developing custom themes in the past. This probably goes without saying, but always ask for examples of work and have the developer explain the necessary customization process for the site.


The nice thing is it is common to have a WordPress theme developed. Many agencies across the world, design and strategize in-house and then outsource their theme development. If you've hired a great developer they will even recommend specific themes based on your design if they know time and money can be saved with just customization. Want to learn more about WordPress themes? Click here.  

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