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What you need to know about HubSpot integration with Salesforce

Posted by Mariana Morales



If you're company is currently running off of the Salesforce CRM and is looking to add marketing automation software to your arsenal in the form of HubSpot, then good news, there's an integration for that.

Salesforce and HubSpot work together to create an intelligent lead pipeline, we like to think that the two software's help to facilitate marketing and sales alignment. This is because you will be able to track lead acquisition through both marketing and sales efforts. Sales will have more lead intelligence than ever, for instance, they'll know what content the lead has consumed which will help them to understand the needs of their potential new customers.

Below is a bit of information about how Salesforce and HubSpot will work together.

HubSpot integration with Salesforce requires technical setup required

Though you must have HubSpot Professional or Enterprise and Salesforce Professional or Enterprise accounts.

To setup your HubSpot and Salesforce integration you simply need to navigate to the integrations tab under your general HubSpot menu and follow the instructions from there.

Choose what features are shared

During the set-up, you will be asked what kind of lead intelligence you would like the push between the software. Some information may not be relevant to sales. You will also have the option to choose which contacts sync. From a marketing perspective, you can say, only push through new contacts who have made it down the funnel to become sales qualified leads.

The benefits of the integration

The benefits of this integration all revolve around lead intelligence and ROI.

Closed Loop Reporting - watch the buying cycle from conversion to customer, know what marketing efforts helped convert the customer.

Shared HubSpot & Salesforce Intelligence - know more about your leads and customers and their activity with your brand.

Email Customization - personalize your mass/general emails with personalization tokens found on the HubSpot platform.

Custom Lead Scoring - score your leads based on how they interact with your content and what content they interact with.


When you connect HubSpot and Salesforce your company is empowered. Head over to HubSpot to find out how your business can get started. 

Not all software integrates this easily with HubSpot and when you need your digital tools to sync with HubSpot an integration can be built. If you need a HubSpot integration set up, connect with a HubSpot developer from our team below.

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