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Why WordPress is a great option for your startup marketing strategy

Posted by Mariana Morales


When you are building your business, your dream, you want to do everything right, the first time. One aspect of your business plan that cannot be overlooked is the development of your website. When you’re building your startup marketing strategy you will have to think of many components, traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media, analytics, SEO, maybe eCommerce and of course these all lead back to your website. Your digital storefront, a piece of the puzzle that if done right will drive you the leads you need to make your business grow.

So what website platform is right? What website platform fits your budget? What website platform is easy to use? What website platform offers support, security, speed and flexibility? These are all questions you need to ask and a good answer to all of these, is the WordPress platform.


Why startups should use WordPress

Because Budget Matters

One of the biggest advantages to WordPress is that it is free. You can download it for free, you can download themes and plugins from it for free and if you don’t want to use a web developer you can build your own site for free. You only need to pay for hosting and that can be done on a monthly, budget-friendly price once you find the right provider.  There are a number of cheap build your own website platforms out there, like Wix and SquareSpace but none are as powerful or as sophisticated as WordPress.


The easy back-end to navigate

WordPress is easy to use, with a simple interface and the option to download a drag and drop website builder, because of these functionalities anyone can build their own site and make changes efficiently. The ability to change things quickly, will benefit your marketing and give your small team flexibility.


The ability to customize your website

Between downloadable pre-built themes and functionality increasing plugins, WordPress has a collection in the tens of thousands to help you make your website your own. Themes and plugins come in two forms free and paid, it is easy to find a theme that works with your vision and then manipulate that theme into your business website. Plugins will help you accomplish things like build contact forms, adding a calendar or even a rotating image gallery. What you think you need on your site, is available in plugin form on the WordPress marketplace. Click here to learn more about themes and plugins.


Mobile Friendly

WordPress allows for the ability to build a mobile-friendly, responsive website, which is a necessity as the use of SmartPhones and tablets for business grows. On the other side, WordPress offers the ability to manage your website from your mobile phone. Great for busy startups selling on the go.

Our best advice for startups is to make sure your website is done right. While you are understandably budget conscious, with the help of digital marketing principles your website can be your best salesperson. Leaning on a WordPress web developer for help when building, designing or perfecting your site will help you to grow your business because your online product will be more compelling and built better. We've worked with hundreds of startups to get their websites off the ground and working hard, connect with us here to get started


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Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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